Saturday, January 06, 2018

Low cost - Uninterruptible power supply for broadband wifi router

There are places and situations where people are struggling with frequent power outages causing interruption in the internet access, this leads to dropped calls, dropped download sessions etc.

Typically, these power outages are of short duration as backup generator takes over the load within few minutes. A short disconnection of power causes reboot of broadband wifi routers and re-connection of internet for all the devices on the network.

To tackle this problem of short power outage, i found this interesting cable on aliexpress sold for 1Euro including shipping.
This 5v to 12v booster cable along with battery bank makes it a perfect low cost uninterruptible power supply for your broadband wifi router. Please note:  power output capacity of this bootster cable is in the range of 8Watts which should be enough for a standard broadband wifi router. (if you happen to have a router with higher than 8watt consumption, then look for highter capacity booster cable).

The black plastic housing towards the usb end contains a booster pcb(MT3068 converter) as shown here

As shown in the following picture, you can connect 5v Dc adapter to the battery bank's charging port and 5v output of batterybank powers the broadband wifi router through this booster cable.

Backup time of such a solution depends on capacity of the battery bank. In your situation if the power outage is of short duration, then you can manage with lower capacity battery bank, else you can go for a higher capacity one.


VARKEY said...

Hi Albert,

This is an excellent idea. Could you please give the approx batter backup you are getting and the type of power bank you are using?


rushi said...

HI Albert,

thanks for sharing an wonderful idea, can you please also share from where we can get usb 5v to 12v dc step up converter cable

ADAV said...

u can get it on aliexpress

Unknown said...

Wonderful Idea - Can I extend this solution for more than one device, in my case I need to provide power backup for two devices ( 12V 0.5 A - Wireless router and 12V 1.5A - Fiber Optic Modem )?

ankur said...

Does this impact router's life in anyways ?