Monday, January 04, 2016

RBox - Home Automation

As I discussed earlier in my previous post, one of use cases of RBox is for home-automation to controll the devices of your home network from any remote location. As long as your phone is connected to internet via 3G-Data or wifi, you can send/receive commands to Home-RBox  from xmpp client of your handheld device.

The advantages of this setup is, you dont need tweaking of any settings of home router, you can secure your home network by blocking all the incoming ports of the firewall, and there is no need to depend on any paid cloud services, you can find tons of free Xmpp/Jabber servers hosted on the public internet, this way you can achieve secure and easy connection between two devices on the internet.

As shown above, Raspi h/w at home is running RBox linux distribution, and your handheld device on the public internet is running xabber android app. Both raspi and android-xabber have logged in to with their own username and password, and these two devices have already authorized each other(as per the instructions given here) to send/receive chat messages .

In order to control the GPIO2 pin of the raspberry, send following command on your android-xabber, "Gpio 2 0" or "Gpio 2 1" for toggling the GPIO2 of Raspberry Pi.

For details on the preparation of this setup, refer to my previous blog where all the details of RBox installation on Raspberry Pi is given.


Lewis Clark said...

Such devices are really helpful to keep a check on the activities at your home even if you are far away of your home. i like such technologies and ideas very much.

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